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Specialist Fixes


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  1. Black Dye Paint
    Black Dye

    Fast-drying stain for a wide variety of surfaces

  2. Fallout Remover 5L
    Fallout Remover

    For rapid removal of surface contaminants

  3. Fast Shine and Lube 5L
    Fast Shine & Lube

    Ideal for rapid dust removal and clay bar lubrication

  4. Liquid Clay 5L
    Liquid Clay 5L

    A reactive formula that removes iron contaminants to leave a silky smooth, clay like finish

  5. Super Adhesive Remover 20L
    Super Adhesive Remover 20L

    Rapidly and safely removes adhesive residue from vehicle exteriors

  6. Reflow

    Reflow is a ground-breaking solution in removing bird dropping damage without equipment. An extremely quick, easy and safe option to use on all paintwork surfaces.

  7. Graffiti Remover
    Graffiti Remover

    Industrial strength solvent for the removal of stains and contaminants from vehicles

  8. Waterless Detailer 25L
    Waterless Detailer

    A silicone free solution for waterless cleaning

  9. Satin Black Paint
    Satin Black Paint

    Black paint to revive exterior and engine components

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